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it’s Jazzar

Multidisciplinary Artist – Art Director

I'm a seasoned graphic designer based in Cairo, fueled by a fiery passion for all things creative. From slick advertising to digital artistry, I've mastered the art of branding and typography over the years.

What makes me stand out? It's my knack for collaboration and my killer communication skills. I thrive in dynamic environments, bringing a fresh perspective to every project I touch.

I'm all about bringing your vision to life in ways that surpass your wildest dreams. Let's team up and turn your design dreams into a jaw-dropping reality!"

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Journey through my Odyssey art

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The closest

to my heart

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9Years +


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5 years

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Art Direction

3 years

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6 Years

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Work Experience

Creative Art Director

Sep 2023 – Present

Art Director/Team Leader

Nov 2022 – Oct 2023

Senior Graphic Designer

January 2020 – January 2022

Graphic Designer

May 2019 – Dec 2019